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Who are we?

We’re just two kids from Akron (h/t if you get that reference). But really, we are just two Midwestern boys who made our parents proud by becoming doctors (don’t worry, our baby brother is also a doctor, but made the smart choice to become an ophthalmologist). We are both based in Los Angeles (moved into homes less than 1 mile from each other, totally by happenstance) and are currently spending most of our time working in digital health.

Why should you trust us?

  1. We are both double-board certified physicians with deep clinical experiences in a wide range of settings (inpatient, outpatient, emergency room, residential, co-located, school-based, ivory tower academia, the county system, the VA, and private practice), and the letters after our names (and dents in respective bank accounts) to prove it.

  2. Despite the twists and turns our careers have taken (including business school, primary care companies, and digital health land), we have never stopped taking care of patients (even if that meant taking the Megabus from Philadelphia to NYC on a Saturday morning, seeing 60 patients over the course of 36 hours, and then taking the same bus back to Philly to make it in time for Monday morning’s accounting lecture). This is why we became doctors, and our perspectives will always be grounded in our experience delivering care to our patients.

  3. Like it or not, the future of healthcare delivery in America will be driven by millennial clinicians. We are both millennial physicians who will provide a perspective grounded in the way many in this next generation of physicians and physician leaders think and work.

  4. Midwesterners really are the nicest people (our accents are so neutral they even used to train newscasters to speak like us…really!).

What can you expect from us?

  • Thoughtful and timely writing on topics that matter, mostly centered on psychiatry, mental health and wellness, and digital health (probably in that order).

  • Being honest when we don’t know the answer to a question (we’d argue this is a top 3 important quality for a successful doctor to embody).

  • We will write about patients and clinicians (and maybe members once in a while). We will never write about providers, clients, or (god save us) prescribers.

  • Occasional guest posts and collaborations (including from our Gen Z eye surgeon bro mentioned earlier) from folks who can provide unique perspectives.

  • We’ll probably use some acronyms that we expect most folks nerdy enough to read this will understand, and try our best to avoid clinical-specific jargon that people outside the mental health world might not understand.

  • Two questions at the end of each piece to catalyze your own thoughts or reflections (we are both psychiatrists after all).

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Ohio born and raised, double board-certified physician specializing in psychiatry and addiction medicine, Wharton MBA, healthcare executive, and Los Angeleno.
Onrise delivers effective and compassionate athlete mental health care.
I am a Geriatric Neurologist at The Ohio State University Medical Center. I treat people with dementia and am interested in treatment and advocacy for the elderly.
Double board-certified physician with a passion for pediatric mental health and sports psychiatry. Working in digital health. Los Angeles based, midwesterner for life.
Circadian Hacker (aka Sleep Medicine Physician). Bridging legacy care models and health tech.
Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Sports Psychiatrist Medical Director of Mental Fitness Clinic