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Great minds think alike! Clearly this is top of mind for us psychiatrists. My husband's Frontier Psychiatrists substack from today reaches the same conclusion after he had a sobering conversation with the DEA on their impression the PHE is already over in their minds and after we got the communication from PRMS, our malpractice carrier, on this stance. I do think we will see the micro-office-as-a-service plays cropping up and use of the loophole that patients can go to one of those offices and Zoom to their clinician located remotely but licensed in that state to get around the Ryan Haight rule and DEA expectation. I just don't see the DEA moving quickly to modify their position, especially not with all the ADHD and ketamine telehealth only plays that have cropped up when they turned a blind eye during Covid .

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This was a great read. I'm from the IT side of things of Telemedicine. I knew there were restrictions based on what state the patient was physically located in, but I didn't know the reasoning. Looking forward to reading more!

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There are 150 years of history of harm in the name of help. 100-Billion licit opioid pills shipped jump-started 100K preventable, yearly overdose deaths, yet they are labeled "the opioid problem" like a footnote in venture pitch decks as if reporting a software bug. The digitization of prescribing "at scale", may work for viagra and rogaine (over HIMS). Benzos, gabapentin, and the like were being over-prescribed before covid and the outcomes are predictably poor.

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